hoot arabek

الخميس، 17 فبراير 2011

I love Egypt Why I love Egypt? Question of the two words .. And civilization .. Is my passion .. Ground here, celestial, Indigo .. Egypt here .. Here .. Her family my family .. Here is a picture my grandfather is still stuck in our land .. Lamy is the Voice of prayer echoed in the skies .. Egyptian accent .. Spontaneous .. Habiba .. Amuse my friends here the hills under the shadows .. Here trees Egypt says Good .. This I am .. Why I love Egypt?? A strange question posed!! .. Dear Curious .. Know those in my hands .. A handful of dirt!! Achim perfume .. Maternity perfume, fragrance within the bosom of a warm bed .. Perfume Science grandmother grandmotherly .. Tabitha .. Perfume learn how to be the most expensive of musk in our hearts .. Perfume learned licenses ransomed our souls .. Do you see the color of the soil Asmar!! Yes .. Oodrki now sweetness color brown .. Really going at me .. In the face of my brother .. Egypt face common .. Surprised by Olly Dear Curious?! Otaatsail Am I singing poet Ojzl notice .. I'm perfect or I do not see the light of day is .. But I am the city .. Years of age are all .. Good and bad .. And hours of comfort and doomed .. Farhi was worrying before .. I am not distant .. This is my house .. This face is not surprising .. Is my brother .. Those Mknunat Call her chest .. Is my boyfriend .. Egyptian My girl .. This dialect accent .. GET .. I love it .. Omazh with my children .. My food that has the smell of the Nile .. This sun painted faces and color our soil .. Simple equation, O strange .......

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