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Love Asamao a story, 00 and focused and live for the moment it is the story of the grandest of imagination 000
== Events of this story took place in Japan between the man and a girl Iehqan
Terribly in love with each other was never seen before in similar 2000

== Ashiqan They were working in a studio for developing Alassour

((This is the beginning and now have followed the story))
Haman had two young Iehqan each other till death and they were always
Together they go to public parks and take some of these gardens shelter them from the
The trouble of painstaking work tired at the studio 00 and had been living love
Warmest 00 pictures not one can only sets them apart from each sleep 00
They were always snapping photographs of each other in order to preserve the memories of this
Love virgin 00
One day the young man went to the studio for developing some pictures
When he finished photo development and before going out of the store arranged everything
And putting in place of leaves and special chemicals acidification because his sweetheart
Were not with him because they relate to the date with her mother in 2000
The next day the girl came to exercise its work in the studio in the morning
Early and took the acidification pictures but her lover in yesterday's mistake in
Put the acid on the chemical is a safe place 00 event unless
Into account while the girl lifted her head to operate take some acid
Chemical and suddenly in 2000 occurred acid on her forehead and eyes and what happened that he came
Both in the shop hurriedly saw it was in critical condition and rushed
Transported to the hospital and told her boyfriend so when he learned of her boyfriend so
Knew that the acid chemist who spilled the acid is the most Guo
We know she will lose her sight You know what to do in 2000, he left her and tore all
Images that remind them and out of the store in 2000 and did not know his friends the secret of these
Harsh treatment with 00 friends went to the girl in hospital
Atmonan Fujduha to the best of them if her eyes did not happen by something
And forehead have been performed her plastic surgery and returned as they were Mtmizata beauty
Magician in 2000 did the lady from the hospital and went to the shop looked at the
The shop and tears poured from her eyes as she saw her boyfriend, unfaithful, which
Left their situations are most difficult in 2000 tried to search for her boyfriend but did not find him
At his home, but they know the place is always popular with her boyfriend, she said in 2000
I'll go to that same place hoping that I find there are 00 000
I went there I found him sitting on a chair in a garden full of
He had the trees from behind as he did not know were to look at him with a sigh he left
An ordeal in 2000 in a timely manner will have to talk to him girl 0000
Stood in front of him, crying, exactly 00 and the strange thing is that her boyfriend
Did not care about it and did not even considered it 00 You know why you believe it 2000
That her boyfriend because he did not see a blind girl who has discovered that after he got up
He leaned on her stick Itakta it, for fear of falling 0000000
You know why You know 000 000 000 Do you believe You know what became of
Her boyfriend is blind 000 Remember when spilled acid on the eyes of the girl
Remember when his girlfriend's 000 rip the images that were brought together with some
Remember when out of the store and did not know the one where he went 000 000
The boyfriend went to the hospital and asked Dr. on the situation and said to him,
Dr. it could not consider it will become blind 000 You know what to do
000 young man has donated her Bajunh Yes 2000 has donated her Bajunh 00 preferred to
Be the blind are not blind his girlfriend is 000 I've made them
Surgery to move her eyes and managed this process 0000
And then moved her boyfriend in order to live her life with another young man who can
Happiness is now blind will not benefit her in some 000 what happened to the girl when
I knew that took place on the ground you see a blind man, and the tears shed
Of eyes without a break and walked in front of a boyfriend did not know who is
The girl crying and went and went the path of the young girl accidentally last 00
Darn 000 Is it possible to arrive love to this degree 00 million
Is he loved to accept this limit 00000000 Thiatiadguet here to enlarge

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